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The charm and peace of the Parc Départemental des Rives du Loup

Take a walk in the woods … In the shade of the majestic plane trees alongside the Loup, only the lapping of the water, the characteristic noise of bikes’ bells and the click of climbers’ carabiners will disturb the absolute peace …

You are entering a genuine preserved natural area where you can observe kingfishers and the purple heron. Picnic on the banks, swimming in the cool, clear waters of the river and lazing around are on the programme.

An essential


Too hot?

Too many people

on the coast?

It’s time to get a bit of peace and coolness along a river, in the shade of majestic trees and impressive cliffs, in a magnificent setting and in the midst of unexpected flora and fauna.

You can also swim in a current of pure water, and sunbathe on the pebble beaches

A chance to refresh yourself, swim, walk in the shade of leaves and dizzying cliffs …

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